I am a new mom, who just wants to share her unsolicited advice with other parents to be. WARNING: I admit that I do not know s&@% about “good” parenting and am just compiling this stuff as I go along. I do hope it will give you some comfort and perhaps in some cases, encouragement as you are already a better parent than me by going out to the world wide web and reading this advice blog.


Just a girl, who stood in front of a boy, and ask for him to love her (and then get her pregnant). So I became a parent on 03.03.2019, by giving birth to my gorgeous little being, Zoe Olivia Gelker. She is my world, and the transition into parenthood is one that I am truly cherishing in every way I can, every single step of the way. This journey is one that I feel very passionately about, and it gives me to courage to share my thoughts and experiences with you in hopes that it will somehow be beneficial to us both.

So if you enjoy what I write… fantastic! If you don’t… sorry but thanks for stopping by!

If you have any suggestion of topics you would like for me to write about, just leave them in the comments.